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Paradox France und Paradox Schweden gehen getrennte Wege / Paradox France and Paradox Sweden Split Teams

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Paradox France und Paradox Schweden gehen getrennte Wege / Paradox France and Paradox Sweden Split Teams Empty Paradox France und Paradox Schweden gehen getrennte Wege / Paradox France and Paradox Sweden Split Teams

Post  Chromos Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:59 am

und noch einer..
Ich habe das gerade "getwittert"(twitter-AhoiMod), aber da mein "AHOI-Mod gezwitscher" nicht so bekannt ist, hier auf die gute alte Methode.. Smile

Das alte AGEOD Team(Paradox France) wird in Zukunft wieder alleine und nur mit Ihrer AGE engine arbeiten!

Hi all,

After almost 3 years of working together, Paradox France (formerly AGEOD) and Paradox Interactive have reached a mutual conclusion that the interest of both companies would be better served by separating and allowing each entity to focus more on their goals, “core competencies” and skills. It has been a really exciting journey and we have all learnt a lot and been able to utilize each other’s diverse and strong competencies. Perhaps the most important thing to take away from this is that there is a lot of admiration and respect on both sides and that we will all continue working together moving forward, both with already released Paradox France games as well as actively seek opportunities to work together in other areas. We will be taking our time with this so it’s not something that will be rushed but we wanted to let you know what is in the works. All details will work themselves out over the course of the coming months.

So what does this mean practically?

• Paradox Development Studio will run and work more heavily with the Clausewitz developed games from Stockholm where the core team PDS is based
• Paradox France will regain autonomy to develop and design games on the AGE engine, and will keep both commercial and cooperation ties with Paradox Interactive. We already have several plans for the existing Paradox France titles in terms of support and content.
• AGE engine games will be handled solely by Paradox France/Ageod
• Napoleons campaigns II, being developed on the Clausewitz engine will move from being partly developed by PDS to being fully developed by PDS. As such it become a stronger “Europa Universalis” product than previously planned.

Again, the main goal for this shift is to ensure both team can focus on what they do best for the good of gaming and their communities. As soon as we have more to announce in terms of what you can expect to see on the Paradox France games, you’ll find us right here.

Best Regards
Paradox Interactive & Paradox France

Balor aka Johan wrote:I can't comment on what PI would publish from Ageod, as I am not involved in those matters.

ashandresash wrote:
My only regret is what does Napoleon Campaigns 2 getting "Europa-Universalized" mean.
It will feel like a PDS game in play. Deep historical flavour with a relatively intuitive interface. The team was 50% PDS before, and now its 100% PDS and I have personally taken charge of the project to make it into a succesful game.

My goal, as was the original goal for the game, has not changed. A unique strategy game set in Europe in the Napoleonic era, focusing on diplomacy and warfare to become the dominating power.

I'd say it takes a fair bit of HoI (armies), some eu3(diplomacy) and adds in a pinch of Sengoku (goals) with a fair amount of unique features.


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