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HoI3 Divsion System - What do you like?

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HoI3 Divsion System - What do you like? Empty HoI3 Divsion System - What do you like?

Post  Chromos Sun Jan 12, 2014 10:37 pm

Recently I asked myself how others would like to see Divisions setup represented in the HoI3 game.
Are all happy with the std system, or do you would like a different system and how.
From my experience with the game, there're first quite some things to remembered. Please let me know if you have some more in mind, I'll then add them to the list below.
I just state here below some in my mind at this moment.

Game speed:
Additional units(Brigades) in a Divsion slow down the game. So with a Battalion based mod wich has ~9-16 units in a Division might slow down the game much earlier as in Std-HOI3.

Tech progression of the unit:
Techs need to affect all new unit types, and combined units might have much more techs affecting them(this could make a rework of the gui needed).

Eye candy:
You can show allways only one symbol of the main unit of that Division.
You need more pics for more different unit types. But also you can have more pics for more different unit types.

From my experience only numbers of Brigades(units in Divsions) are calculated for odds/chances when to attack.
So a Division with 5 MIL is maybe seen stronger as 3 INF with better tech.
And thus mixing Battalion sized units and Brigade sized units could lead to unwanted AI behaviour.

Change of Divsion composition:
The player can have a great time to build up many different Division setups. But the ai will never be able to switch to another setup.
E. g.  if the enemy is using more tanks, a player can attach e. g. AT to his existing Divisions, but the ai can't do that.
So the ai gets behind in options to counter the human player.
(This gets even worse if you plan to build a mod that spans more years as std-HoI3.)

I made up my thoughts on this quite some time ago(2009/2010), and also posted it already here and there. But it holds imo still some very good basic thoughts about what is possible etc, and the historic Division

HoI3 Division Sytem and historical background:


Different Mods had come up with different solutions to add realism/diversification/gameplay help or all combined.
Their solutions might be interesting to see and can maybe be an insparation for your own ideas you hopefully will share with us here.
I'll put them in spoiler tags and sort them alphabetically:
The teams of the mods might correct me, and send me a note if  I wrote something not entirely correct about their mods, or something changed already in that area.

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