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Patch 4.02 for TFH is out /Patch 4.02 für TFH ist erschienen

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Patch 4.02 for TFH is out /Patch 4.02 für TFH ist erschienen Empty Patch 4.02 for TFH is out /Patch 4.02 für TFH ist erschienen

Post  Chromos Tue Nov 06, 2012 6:23 pm

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podcat wrote:Patch 4.02 for TFH is out /Patch 4.02 für TFH ist erschienen 600px-Blackie_and_Churchill

Their Finest Hour patch 4.02 (checksum: GSKH) is now out. It can be downloaded from launcher or directly from here: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/in-game/hoi3/tfh4_02.exe (patch is a 39MB download)

Steam and other outlets will have it as soon as possible.

Changelog (also included inside patch):

################################################## ##########
# Changes for Their Finest Hour 4.02 below.
################################################## ##########

- Gameplay Changes
- Underground will no longer spawn partisans on foreign territory if underground was on a border province.
- Now when merging units, the best unit is picked not the first in the selection. Best unit depends on how many subunits it has, how much STR, and how good is the leader.
- Now motorized units does get the speed bonus from rubber - yeah!
- org hits no longer happen in CGM mode.
- Queued Techs that become invalid (f.ex lost province with building required) have no longer leadership points spent on them. Those points jumps over to the next entry on the technology list. The tech unpauses when it's available again.
- Combat delay now scales with time of combat. UNIT_ATTACK_DELAY_PERIOD controls period of scaling
- fixed issue with long attack delay from support attack
- fixed an issue where CAGs would still launch and fight despite org level
- Units that can't fight (like empty HQs or none org) no longer counts in stacking penalty.
- LL Convoy sinking affects the overall efficiency with every hit, and slowly regenerates.
- Fixed supplies exploit by (re)creating HQs in encircled areas to magically bring the supplies to the location.
- Upped limit for embargoing to 65 neutrality.
- fixed issue where call to arms incorrectly replaced war leader with the wrong country
- embargo diplo option now cost only 1 points
- officers ratio in CGM is set to the same as in historical start for specific date (+ custom amount defined per country in cgm files. Also scalable by "officers_ratio=1.0" in cgm_settings.txt)
- Fixed problem with calculating total points available in CGM technology stage
- Fixed bug where it was impossible to invade shore if the coastal province has missing port position defined in DB
- Fixed exploit in CGM where it was possible to build HQ but had no points left
- removed min revolt risk from nationalism
- fixed issue where rebels were unable to move because of supply blockage despite them not drawing supply
- day of infamy now boost manpower modifier more

- Interface Improvements
- Added indicator for terrain effects on a unit in division designer
- Fixed message spam after CGM is done (for unit placements, deleting, rearrangements, etc).
- Fixed bad slider min/max icon offsets that was confusing the available range in CGM diplomacy.
- Fixed missing tooltip in LL offer/request action icon.
- Strategic warfare overview: Including losses from defeated units that are destroyed when nowhere to retreat.
- Strategic warfare overview: Including damage to land units mounted on air/naval.
- No longer possible to click on "Play" button if currently selected bookmark does not match the currently selected tab
- Now displaying IC value in CGM deployment stage.
- fixed issue with command history in console having trailing invisible characters
- Fixed bug in day/night local status in province override by GUI calls.
- Estimated Day/night at location for land orders view.
- Fixed incorrect intel levels on own provinces at startup
- Now it's possible to add convoys/escorts by CTRL+LMB +10/-10 in convoy edit screen.
- Reopening LL distribution screen now remembers which sliders was locked.
- Unit Speeds are now dislayed with higher precision
- winter effect (fur strat.resource) is positive - green colored
- Added detailed info about what affects the current unit speed
- counter espionage number now properly shows rough amount of spies allocated to counter espionage in a foreign nation
- fixed issue with foreign minister touching tech sliders
- Added unit type name to description in buy production licence request
- Fixed an issue where the call to arms button was hidden from interface and shouldnt be

- Database Changes
- Nuke events added!
- moved over some placeholder files to overwrite broken stuff in Hoi3 collection so we get same checksum between versions.
- Moved some 1944 us/jap units out of low infra areas
- Fixed errors in technology levels in country databases.
- AC techs are on a 2 year cycle
- AC gain +0.75 AP/Armour per tech
- AC gains less SA from techs
- Mengkukuo can be created when not at war with China
- WSS have MOT terrain penalties, besides Urban.
- moved some CHI VPs out of interior
- Rebalanced threat from decisions, war and combat
- lowered infra on burma/siam border
- hu_hanin events have a real picture
- TUR has little more MP/LS
- Port and airbase tweaks to TUR
- POL starting neutrality lowered
- GER pre-war decisions add some threat against POL
- JAP will now get strait of taiwan modifier from coast wargoal
- great_patriotic_war decision gives SOV more MP
- should be impossible to give eastern poland to soviets after bitter peace
- reduced neutrality to mexico as well from undeclared war
- removed chinese industry transfer decision
- added case anton decision to take over vichy coast.

- Performace and Stability
- Invalid modifier name in scripts no longer crash the game - error are now printed in logs.
- Invalid location id specified in OOB no longer crashes the game, but prints an error in log.
- Strategic warfare overview: Fixed rare CTD happened on refreshing countries that no longer exists (also fixed error in save/reload Strat-War data)
- resolution now goes down to 720
- no longer forced to have > 50hz refresh rate. Might fix some external TV crashes
- optimized savegame loading
- Optimized game startup time
- Fixed game freeze in inf loop when AI was trying to merge fleets with itself by "joinFleet" order.
- Fixed potential multi-threaded deadlock in startup
- fixed crash when tag switching to illegal tag length in console
- fixed issue with unallocated textures used in settings window
- optimized area calculations for invasion evaluations
- Fixed CTD when USA annex GER and all it's allies that are GiE.
- tiny optimization to weather calculation
- Fixed CTD when cancelling unit upgrade construction.
- game no longer crashes when missing 3d model, but instead prints error in system_error.log.
- Found and fixed an important CTD while saving game
- Fixed OOS in tech licence query
- Game can now throttle down speed automatically in multiplayer if someone lags behind a lot

- AI Improvements
- Rebalanced japanese invasion AI
- Fixed AI bug having problems with paratroop dropping. (also was sometimes spamming with empty transport planes)
- AI no longer does stupid embargoes
- fixed issue with US attacking neutrals without threat
- Invasion AI now evaluates supply need when invading to figure out troop amounts it can safely use
- AI objectives are now correctly refreshed whenever the priority changes, not only when the objectives list changes.
- AI now cares about huge overstacking, and spreads units on the front if there is some serious lack of resources.
- mengkukuo decision only taken by AI once war ends with china to stopunits getting stuck
- fixed AI response issue with trades of a resource being both imported and exported
- fixed an issue where AI got blocked from trying to break out of a supply-less pocket when invading
- AI will now differentiate between countries who are potentially hostile and ones that could be, but are too busy when garrisoning borders and calculating theatre weights
- fixed issue where AI would use wrong direction threat to assess threat from an owner area
- many tweaks and rebalances to country specific production AIs
- fixed issue when tag-switching left military AI crippled
- invalid war preparations will now be purged
- AI can now remove smaller wars to focus on big attacks instead
- Fixed AI having problems with retrieving exiled units.
- AI now allowed to invade while preparing for war with neighbors assuming opponents are weak.
- AI should now have a higher minimum for home defense units
- AI under player command should now be allowed sealions earlier
- puppets will now prefer exile until their masters are defeated
- JAP now avoids declaring wars if in a pinch
- fixed error where AI would not balance forces correctly on a border at peace depending on who was biggest threat
- Fixed supplies bug where AI doesn't produce necessary amount when receives some supplies from allied country holding their troops on our territory.
- fixed a broken check for war against POL as SOV in late war
- Fixed problem with AI ignoring important fronts and overreacting for small fronts (like rebels spawned from undergrounds)
- fixed issue stopping axis puppets getting called at start of war
- occupied norway should now be considered german home area since they can walk over when it comes to invasions
- Vichy is now on the menu again for US attacks!
- fixed an issue where AI would calculate HQs as regular infantry and overstack invasions
- US now gives more lend lease when it runs out of manpower
- fixed an issue for countries without airports trying to buy planes with production licenses
- fixed issue where AI evaluated beaches differently at the moment of sending the invasion and could switch to a worse one
- UK will now pwn spain in the face if they grab gibraltar and blocks them in
- AI now research prerequisites for motorized troops more diligently
- fixed an issue where it was impossible to invade gibraltar without using manual control because it tried to trace the landing path from the blocked sea zone with the port rather than the one without
- sweden now only gives military access once norway has fallen, not while they are fighting the germans
- fixed issues with reinforce invasions eating all supply
- made allies prefer german mainland invasions if soviet is losing
- JAP now declares war on UK same time as US roughly
- fixed issue with UK AI not properly embargoing JAP
- ai now do not calculate soviet troops as friends just because they have same goal for invasions (we are competing!)
- fixed issue with spy AI incorrectly boosting enemies parties
- only existing countries should now be performing espionage
- AI no longer drops units from the theatre in multiplayer.
- fixed freeze issue when all techs were researched
- AI is now allowed to liberate country even if country is at war

- User Modding
- techs can now be flagged to be stealable or not through espionage (all are stealable by default) write stealable=no to turn it off.
- Fixed issue with replace_path in mods
- New any_controlled effect trigger that works like any_owned
- added EMFXActorType setting "block_attachment" to block attachment of rifles etc to select models


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