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Best Mods for Hearts of Iron III

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Best Mods for Hearts of Iron III Empty Best Mods for Hearts of Iron III

Post  Chromos Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:21 pm

Here is my list of best Mods for Hearts of Iron 3.

Of course I like my own mod the AHOI-Mod Treasure Chest best. Otherwise I would not mod that one but play others.
But there are also many other mods out there wich are very good and worth your time trying.

As many might not be aware of them, I make a short list of the (for me) most interesting.
And maybe you find among them an intersting one too. As the best mod for you is is the mod you like the most. Just look at the description of the mod and give them a try to find out your favourite.
As I didn't mentioned all available mods, most of them can be found in the link to Paradox Interactive Forum: Other mods and projects forum, wich is often overlooked as a subforum from HoI3 - User Modifications where some Mods have their own subforum. For both forums you need to be logged in at Paradox Forums and register your base HOI3 game. While Some others are only available at ModDB and are available there without registering: ModDB - Hearts of Iron III - Their Finest Hour - Mods.  Check them out to make up your own mind.
Many of the smaller or old ones are also a great source of ideas if you like to mod the game on your own.
(You might have to be logged in, to see the links or check out the blog entry: AHOI-Mod Blog: ENG – Best Mods for Hearts of Iron III

The bigger ones are(in alphabetical order):

  • AHOI-Mod "A HOI3 Treasure-Chest" (TFH, enough info about can be found in this blog/forum)
  • August Storm Project (TFH, extended timline, MP centric design)
  • Deo Vindice (TFH, the CSA in WWII Mod)
  • Deutsche Wehrmacht Immersion (TFH, German symbols, DIV builds with up to 9 Regiments ..)
  • Downfall (by Paglia) (TFH)
  • Dr. Johnson's "The World at War" (TFH)
  • HPP (TFH, Historical Plausibility Project)
  • Mechanized War(TFH, based on HPP)
  • Modern-Warfare(TFH)
  • Random Scenario and Map Generator(TFH, for those who like to play on a complete random map with random countries.)
  • RPM(Realistic Progression Mod)
  • "Vorwärts Panzers! (Sub-mod for Dies Irae:Götterdämmerung, makes it compatible with TFH now)
  • The Fox And The Lion (TFH, an Italy-centric mod)
  • WWI Mod (TFH)

Some nice "smaller" or outdated ones:

  • AHOI-Mod-"Widescreen" (gui for Std-HOI3 SF/FTM/TFH)
  • Creating the Realistic Division: a Brigade mod
  • FINEST HOUR(TFH, stopped, but had great ideas like a new Miller projection map etc..)
  • Francesco's Counters Mod(GFX)
  • Francesco's Models Mod(GFX)
  • gfxAttack-mod > TFH (counter, grafics..) (GFX)
  • Historical Flags Mod
  • HOI - NESIP ( New economy system Improvement Project )
  • I.C.E. 4.0 (TFH, was the official successor of DiDay's I.C.E. wich complete reworked techs and units, wich took so long that BlackICE -wich started as Dr. Johnson's AI enhancement for DiDay's I.C.E.- took off in the meantime. )
  • Magrathea - The Map Rebuilt(also many new releaseable countries!)
  • Modestus Re-textured map (GFX)
  • -=PANZER MODS=- Johnny Panzer's Mod Collection!(GFX)
  • Pimp my HoI-"Dynamic-AI"(FTM-AI)
  • TFH 4.02 LUA optimizations by peterhoi3: make the USA count! and other repairs (TFH-AI)
  • Vyllis sounds
  • Z-Plan, a naval warfare mod

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