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Brigade values

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Brigade values Empty Brigade values

Post  Blades Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:30 am

I took a look at the values of the Brigades and had some questions.
(I only looked at the starting German values so diff starting techs may affect the later values. v402c. I looked at AHOI about 3 years ago and am just looking again.)

1) It looks like most Elete units use the same equipment as normal units. But I noticed that hv arm has a speed of 14 but elete hv armor move jumps to 18. That jump in speed is inconsistent with all the other elete units compare to their normal units and does not sound like the speed of a hv arm equipped unit. .
2) Maybe the concept of garrison has changed, but your giving garrison a movement of 3, the same as inf with a 3 movement and militia has a 2. I was expecting garrison to be a slow with about a 1.
3) Your giving Corp AT a Hard attack value of 3. Where inf has a 5. If I am understanding the purpose of the hard rating, that should be Corp AT’s best rating to kill tanks. I was expecting it to be closer to 75% of the armored hard rating to 10, say about a 7. I believe that corp AT is using the towed versions of the same guns that tanks were using.
4) You are giving Art a soft value of 6 compared to inf with a soft value of 10. In the vanilla game arty is a 5 almost double the inf value of 3. Arty is suppose to cause about 90% of the casualties vs soft targets, but very poor when it has to defend itself. It will be hard to do that with only a 6 soft value. Other arty soft values should be adjusted accordingly. (The hard values are probably fine. Post war US analysis was that it takes 500 rounds of arty to get a maneuver kill on a tank and 1500 rounds to actually kill a tank.)
5) Elete Art has a movement of 16 and SP arty has a movement of 15. I suspect that elete arty really represents elete SP arty. But you are giving it a fuel of 0.01. I thing it should have a fuel of 0.59, the same as SPA.
6) I notice that the old MP brigade is gone. Maybe the germans just don’t start with the tech to build it yet. It does not appear to be folded into the Div support brigade that has a suppression of 0. I am assuming that the elete paramilitary is an upgrade of an MP (or garrison) unit. Just checking that if the MP unit is still in the game, should the germans have the tech to start with it?


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Brigade values Empty Re: Brigade values

Post  Chromos Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:21 pm

Hi Blades and thank you for the feedback.
I'll look into it and answer then again.

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