Magna Mundi the Game wird evtl. nicht herauskommen! / MagnaMundi teh Game maybe canceled!

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Magna Mundi the Game wird evtl. nicht herauskommen! / MagnaMundi teh Game maybe canceled!

Post  Chromos on Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:59 pm

Ich habe das gerade "getwittert"(twitter-AhoiMod), aber da mein "AHOI-Mod gezwitscher" nicht so bekannt ist, hier auf die gute alte Methode.. Smile

Magna Mundi the Game wird evtl. nicht herauskommen!
The sad state of affairs

Hi all,

I wanted to give you an update on the current state of project Magna Mundi. Unfortunately its fate is looking grim. The latest Release Candidate was not at all where it needs to be, far from it.

We failed the latest Release Candidate due to numerous crashes, and will deliver a more extensive list of bugs to the dev team this week.

This latest submission follows a string of Release Candidates who were also failed, and the sad fact is we see just as many crashes, bugs and imbalances as we did 6 months ago, some of them brand new and some of them old and well known. This is not a good sign and a terrible sad one as well as it indicates that the development of the game is not happening in a controlled manner. The game was announced in Jan 2010 and the target was a 2011 release. We have reached a point where we no longer can see an end to this, at least not honestly.

We will see what power the developers can muster to remedy the many holes in the game, but given the recent history of development hopes are not high. It cannot go on like this, and we are at a point where time, money and patience is long gone. Only hard and sad choices remain. Choices we will not make lightly but need to make. We will keep you posted.

Mattias Lilja
Executive Producer of Magna Mundi


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